Sovereign Grace Bible Church of Cebu
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  9am, 10:30am
  & 4:30 pm


53 Maria Paloma Village
Pablo Abella St., Cebu City
Philippines 6000
Tel. No. 6332+261-8831
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Regenerate Membership
Qualified Eldership
Christian Sabbath
Expository Preaching
Reverential Worship
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Arc says...
Do Catholics Worship Statues
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Gerard says...
Viva Pit Senyor to you all
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John says...
This is one of the best rebukes to atheism that I've read
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Reuben says...
not much knowledgeable around the place
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Dan says...
Hi brothers
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Maelysse says...
There are too many heretics lurking
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To God be the glory
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Rod says...
Acts 17:29 "Being then the children of God
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2012 Deacon Conference

This series of 4 sermons was preached at a conference for deacons which was held at Trinity Baptist Church in Montville, NJ in July 2012.

The title of the series is "The Deacon: His Calling, Character, Life, and Labors".

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2012 Pastors' Conference

Today, there is a negative attitude towards the study of doctrine. This is understandable but not excusable. It is understandable because emphasizing doctrine has led to fruitless intellectualism, a proud and unloving attitude, fruitless speculation and unnecessary divisions. Also, studying doctrine demands hard work and change which many are not willing to make.

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Introduction to Ecclesiastes
Ecclesiastes 1:1, 2
Ecclesiastes 1 more ▼

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